Lucas Danger Davisson
Cub Scout - Champion Popcorn Seller - American Hero

About Lucas Danger Davisson

"You mess with Lucas, you mess with me."

Yibran (7), Colleague and Friend

Lucas Danger Davisson

I love to sell popcorn and other delicious snacks for the Cub Scouts.  I also Love to play baseball, pokemon, swim, and nature.  I love my mommy and papa but most of all I love my little brother Quinn, who I will protect forever.  


"What?! You didn't get any hugs from anyone at work today mommy? Come here and I'll give you a hug."

Lucas (at 4), Loving Son

  • Yes, DANGER is my middle name
  • 2013 & 1014 Pack 54 Popcorn Selling Champion
  • Baseball Player
  • Soccer Player
  • Third Grader
  • Salesman
  • Pokemon Expert
  • Math Maniac‚Äč & 3rd Place Math Olympiad Champion - 2nd Grade